There could easily be a hundred things that you would rather be doing than trying to do your own taxes. This is because the task is rarely on anyone’s list of ‘favorite things to do’. It is time consuming, tedious and a simple mistake could cost you money. For whatever reason you may choose not to do your own taxes, De Soto Tax Services is available to help. We have more than 30 years of experience and service in the Waterbury, CT area. However, if you reside in the Stratford, Stamford, Bridgeport and Westport areas, and also need our services, we are always happy to help. So, instead of searching for ‘tax preparation services near me’ or ‘tax preparation near me’, why not speak to one of the employees at De Soto Tax Services and see what we can do for you.

Most of our clients have spent an endless amount of hours trying to do their own taxes, only to give up and come to us in the end. We can help you save time so that you can get your taxes submitted and get back to life as normal. If you want to avoid the hassle, spend the same time with your family and don’t really know a whole lot about tax laws, you need to speak to us about our services.

We have assisted lots of customers in the Waterbury, CT area over the years and it is our commitment to quality services that keeps our customers coming back year after year. The next time you search ‘tax preparation near me’ or ‘tax preparation services near me’, remember the name De Soto Tax Services. Call us anytime to request a quote or speak to us about your tax related needs and we will let you know how we can best assist you.

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